The Volunteer and Information Center of Henderson, Kentucky (“VIC”) has produced the Community Resource Guide (“CRG”) for over a decade. This book was provided to nonprofit agencies, and later, made available online as a PDF for the public. Over time, other agencies began producing CRGs for their clients. Seeing this duplication of administrative efforts as a problem for cash-strapped agencies and seeing an opportunity to transform Henderson nonprofit services, a new initiative was launched to bring the CRG to an online platform – accessible to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. VIC Board Member and Henderson Leadership Initiative (“HLI”) Fellow, Trisha Wright, initiated the construction and launch of this online platform as part of a multi-phase project to bring greater use of technology to lower administrative costs, allow agencies to spend more time working with clients, and encourage greater transparency and interagency cooperation. A grant was secured through a generous contribution by the Community Foundation of Henderson, Kentucky to begin with this CRG.

CFH Grant Award
Presentation of Grant Award from the Community Foundation of Henderson, Kentucky, December 16, 2017.
HLI Graduation - CRG Presentation
Presentation at the Henderson Leadership Initiative Class of 2017 graduation ceremony, February 1, 2018.